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Glacialtech UFO V51

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Sporting a UFO like design, the UFO V51 coolers are made up of two 92mm ultra silent fans, four heat-pipes with 6mm and 8mm diameter, aluminum fins, long-life sleeve bearings and a stylish plastic encase. Available in 2 versions, UFO 51 Silent and UFO 51 PWM, the latest Glacialtech CPU coolers come... (more info)

Name: Glacialtech UFO V51
Part Number: UFO V51 Silent
Manufacturer: * Others

Dimension (mm)

130 (L) × 157 (W) × 138 (H)

Weight (grams)




12 Volts / Entering bearing

Dimension (mm)

92 x 92 x 25

Speed (RPM)

1600 (±10)


Airflow (CFM)

29.56 (±10) per fan


Noise (dBA)

19 per fan

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An interesting mid level cooler ***--
stoanee  |  May 26, 2009   02:24 pm

I tried this on a Q9450 that is overclocked to 3.7 ghz and while it does work better than the stock Intel cooler it is not as good as many other offerings such as Xigmatek. It has a look you either love or hate and I found the quality of the hardware to be "average" For some reason I do not have the temps on my flash drive but I have done a review and it is on my home computer. All in all I would not purchase this cooler for high performance use.

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