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Zalman CNPS10X Flex

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The Flex model is offered as a heatsink excluding the fan, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts that prefer ‘modding’ the cooler with their own choice of fan(s). Also, the Flex model is designed to accommodate 2 fans for those seeking to redefine the limits of its cooling performance.

Name: Zalman CNPS10X Flex
Part Number: CNPS10X Flex
Manufacturer: Zalman

Dimensions 133(L) X 74(W) X 151(H)mm
Weight 700g
Materials Fins: Aluminum / Base: Copper
Dissipation Area 8,200㎠
Heatpipes 5 U-shaped heatpipes

Color Gray
Capacity 3.5g
Specific Gravity @23°C 2.88
Thermal Resistance 8㎟ㆍK/W
Thermal Conductivity 4.1W/mK
Temperature Stability -40°C ~ +150°C (-40℉ ~ +302℉)

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