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Mushkin Redline Ascent XP3-12800

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Tri-Channel Kit for Core i7/X58. Utilizing Ascent eVCI technology for enhanced cooling, this triple-channel memory kit features extreme timings of 6-7-6-18 at DDR3-1600 speeds. Please note modules are wider than standard memory and are not designed for a 6 module configuration. For 6 module... (more info)

Name: Mushkin Redline Ascent XP3-12800
Part Number: 998692
Manufacturer: Mushkin

Frequency: 1600MHz Latency: 6-7-6-18 Parity: Unbuffered
    Voltage: 1.65V Pins: 240
Density > > > Module: 256x64 Chip: 128x8

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