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SilverStone AP141 140mm fan

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Traditional computer fans are made to expel air, so for years, airflow was the most important rating that determines cooling efficiency as most fans are used as exhausts. SilverStone created Air Penetrator fan specifically designed for intake fan applications, where airflow rating is not a priority.... (more info)

Name: SilverStone AP141 140mm fan
Part Number: SST-AP141
Manufacturer: Silverstone

 Model No. SST-AP141
 Color Transparent blue UV fan blades, black frame
 Beraing Fluid dynamic bearing
 Rated Voltage 12V DC
 Start Voltage 5V DC
 Rated Current Max 0.22A (Actual) 0.2A
 Rated Power Max 2.64W (Actual)2.4W
 Speed 1500 rpm@12V / 1000 rpm@7V / 700 rpm@5V
 Effective Airflow Range 1 meter@5V / 1.2 meter@7V / 2 meter@12V
 Airflow 28.26 CFM(5V) / 41.09 CFM(7V) / 64.34 CFM(12V)
 Diameter 139mm
 Static Pressure 0.39 mmH2O(5V) / 0.73 mmH2O(7V) / 1.55 mmH2O(12V)
 Air Speed 1m/s(5V)/ 1.5m/s(7V)/ 2.3m/s(12V)
 Noise Level 18 dB(A)(5V) / 20.9 dB(A)(7V) / 30.1 dB(A)(12V)
 Noice Reduction Includes two speed reduction cables
 Life Time 50000 hours
 Dimension 139mm (L) x 139mm (W) x 25mm (H)

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