OCZ DDR3 PC3-16000 Blade Series CL7 Edition

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The Blade Series Triple Channel Memory kit is the latest maximum-performance RAM designed specifically for the Intel® Core™ i7 processor / Intel® X58 Express Chipset. At DDR3-2000, CL 7-8-7, Blade memory harnesses industry-leading speeds at the low voltage required to safely run Core i7’s... (more info)

Name: OCZ DDR3 PC3-16000 Blade Series CL7 Edition
Part Number: OCZ3B2000LV6GK
Manufacturer: OCZ

2000MHz DDR3       
CL 7-8-7-20       
Available in 6GB (3x2048) Triple Channel Optimized Kits       
1.65 Volts       
240 Pin DIMM       
Pure Aluminum Heatsink       
OCZ Lifetime Warranty

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