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Nexus DiskTwin

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The Nexus DiskTwin is an ideal solution to get rid of any hard disk drive vibration noise and resonance. Are you tired of all the hard disk seek and vibration noises? Or is your hard disk creating resonance in your case? The Nexus DiskTwin will alleviate your suffering!

Name: Nexus DiskTwin
Part Number: DTW-2300A/B
Manufacturer: * Others

Dimensions 146.81x26.15x18.8 mm
   [LxWxH] 5.77 x 1.02 x 0.74 inch
Compatibility 3.5" HDD
Materials Pure aluminium
  Solid Rubber
  Thermal Pads
  Mounting Screws
Weight 105gr. per unit
Warranty 3 Years

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