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Corsair P64 64GB SSD

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Replacing your hard disk drive with a Corsair Performance Series SSD will revolutionize your computing experience. Games load quicker, your computer starts faster, and multiple applications run smoother, all while running cool and silent.

Name: Corsair P64 64GB SSD
Part Number: CMFSSD-64GBG2D
Manufacturer: Corsair

  • Maximum sequential read speed 220MB/s
  • Maximum sequential write speed 180MB/s
  • Samsung controller and MLC NAND flash for compatibility and consistent performance
  • 128MB DRAM cache and NCQ support for stutter-free performance
  • No moving parts for increased durability over standard hard disk drives
  • Decreased power usage for cool and quiet operation and increased laptop battery life
  • 100+ Year Life Expectancy (MTBF)
  • Two year warranty

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