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Zalman CNPS10X Quiet

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Zalman CNPS10X Quiet CPU Cooler 120MM PWM Low Noise Fan LGA1156 1366 775 AM3 754 939 940

Name: Zalman CNPS10X Quiet
Part Number: CNPS10X QUIET
Manufacturer: Zalman

Dimensions 135(L) X 100(W) X 160(H)mm
Weight 750g
Base Material Pure Aluminum and Pure Copper
Dissipation Area 6,817?
Heatpipes 5 x U-shaped heatpipes
Bearing Type 2 Ball-Bearing
Speed 700 ~ 1400 rpm ± 10 (FAN MATE 2 connected)
Noise Level Not Measurable ~ 26 dBA ± 10 (FAN MATE 2 connected)
Input Voltage 12V

? The fan operates at 1500 rpm ±10(28 dBA ±10) if directly connected to the motherboard’s

power connector without the use of FAN MATE 2.

Dimensions 70(L) x 26(W) x 26(H) mm
Weight 20g
Output Voltag 5V ~ 11V ± 2
Allowable Power 6W or lower
Connector 3-Pin
Color Gray
Capacity 3.5g
Specific Gravity @23°C 2.88
Thermal Resistance 8??K/W
Thermal Conductivity 4.1W/mK
Temperature Stability -40°C-150°C (-40?-302?)

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