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Antec Three Hundred Mini Tower Gaming Case

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The Three Hundred has enough room for an NVIDIA 8800 series graphics card, as well as six hard drives and a standardATX motherboard. A cable management compartment keeps your system organized and the airflow unobstructed. A 120mm rear fan and 140mm top fan ensure that the case runs cool even when... (more info)

Name: Antec Three Hundred Mini Tower Gaming Case
Part Number: Three Hundred
Manufacturer: Antec


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Great Case ****-
kev.nam  |  Apr 28, 2011   04:44 pm

Overall a great case.

The GOOD: airflow is fantastic. There are 2 good quality fans included (1 120mm and 1 140mm antec TRICOOL fans). Supports 1 120mm and 1 140mm fans for exhaust, 1 120mm for side, and 2 120mm for front intake. This is more airflow than you would ever need IMO. In fact, I use this case with a SINGLE 120mm exhaust fan, and have been using it like this for the past 1.5 years. Never had any heat issues.

The entire front mesh is covered by a massive filter. This filter really does help!

The BAD: Not well suited for water cooling without considerable modding. Hard drives mount directly to the case, without any sort of dampening rails. This causes the side panels to vibrate and emit a hum.

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