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Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz Processor

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Name: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz Processor
Part Number: BX80570E8400
Manufacturer: Intel


Manufacturer Website Addresswww.intel.com
Product Typeprocessor
Product Linecore 2 duo
Brand Nameintel
Processor Coredual-core
Front Side Bus1333mhz
L2 Cache6mb
Processor Manufacturerintel
Processor Socketsocket t
Clock Speed3ghz


Environmental Conditions

Cooling Typefan


General Information

Manufacturer Part Numberbx80570e8400
Manufacturerintel corporation
Product Modele8400
Product Namecore 2 duo e8400 3.0ghz processor
Packaged Quantity1



Compatibilityintel dx38bt desktop board
Platform Supportpc


Technical Information

Process Technology45nm


User Reviews

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Excellent and overclockable CPU *****
Neolithium_Wpg  |  Aug 6, 2009   07:44 pm

Rightfully so, this processor was sold out for months at a time, shipments being backordered faster than they could arrive.  My first jump into 45nm had me wondering about the capabilities of how high they could be overclocked and just what kind of voltage would be needed.  The moment I booted up my system with this I was quickly impressed.

Stock settings gave a snappy feel to windows, but once making some changes in BIOS it was easy to see that this mid-priced CPU ended up performing like it's big brothers, easily hitting 4GHz on only one notch above stock voltage (1.25v now).  Initially this was something that was supposed to be a small test on my watercooling loop to see how well it handled, but it is currently the workhorse of my gaming rig, a solid year after it debuted.

Even with LGA775 on the way out sooner rather than later, this makes a fantastic addition to anyone needing a budget setup.

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Possibly the ultimate core 2 duo *****
kev.nam  |  Apr 26, 2011   11:36 am

April 2011, and this processor is still going strong!

Overclocked to 3.6ghz easily (4ghz with a bit of effort) this is a very capable dual core. It is still able to run the latest games without much difficulty. In fact, I want to upgrade to a sandy bridge system but simply cannot justify doing so, when this 2 year old CPU is still powerful enough.

This CPU came in two flavours, an E0 stepping version and a C0 stepping version. The E0 came later and could overclock higher.

With my E8400 C0, I can get 3.6ghz with a very modest Vcore boost to about 1.26V, and can get 4.0Ghz with about 1.36V. With an OCZ Vendetta 2 cooler, the temperatures stay below 50 degrees, and I’m not worried about longevity of this processor.


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