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NVIDIA® SLI™ Technology Dramatically scales performance by allowing two graphics cards to be run in parallel. Only available on select PCI-Express models.

Full Microsoft® DirectX® 10 Shader Model 4.0 Support Also known as the Unified Shader Model, the Vertex shaders, Geometry... (more info)

Name: EVGA GTX 260
Part Number: GTX260
Manufacturer: EVGA

 576 MHz GPU  
 192 Processing Cores
 400 MHz RAMDAC  
 896 MB, 448 bit DDR3 
 1998 MHz (effective) 
 111.9 GB/s Memory Bandwidth 
 PCI-E 2.0 16x
 SLI Capable
Resolution & Refresh 
 240Hz Max Refresh Rate 
 2048x1536 Max Analog
 2560x1600 Max Digital
 Minimum of a 500 Watt power supply.
(Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 36 Amp Amps.) 
 Two 6-pin PCI Express power connectors or four available hard disk power connectors

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My gtx 260 *****
shayan288  |  Aug 20, 2009   06:15 pm
This review was last edited on Aug 20, 2009   06:18 pm

I have recently purchased a gtx 260 core 216 55nm superclocked videocard from a harware canucks member and I have to say I am completely satisfied with it. I have previously owned an EVGA 8800gtx that died from overclocking and I could see quite a large amount of improvement from switching to this card.

First off, I find the video card's cover plate quite attractive. Many say that the 55nm version of the gtx 260 has the ugly design compared to the 65nm version and they say that mostly because of the red stripe on the side. Now to be honest, I have to admit i didnt quite like the look of that red stripe when I saw the images of it online. But as soon as I saw the card in person, it became a whole different story. The cover art was beautiful.

I look at myself as a pretty frequent gamer and I play games like, Call of duty 4, Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Farcry 2, Fallout 3, Prototype, Grand Theft Auto 4, Left 4 Dead, Counterstrike source, Team Fortress 2, etc., and this ran all the games no problem on all highest settings, except of course the infamous Crysis. Despite Crysis' high demands, I was still able to run it on all highest settings (no AA) on 1920x1200 with a playable FPS of 24 average (Depends on your lag tolerance), and for a single card thats price is so wallet friendly at this time, that is a REALLY good result.

With a nice 896mb of vram, this card has got GTA 4 covered as well. I manage to run GTA 4 on all highest settings, but with view distance at 20 on 1920x1200 at an average FPS of 35-40 which is pretty darn good.

Now since this card card can run those two games, the rest of the games I mentioned are no-brainers.  Please note that the rig I used with this card to play those games were with a q9550 core 2 quad at 4ghz, and 4gb of ddr2 pc2 8500 1066mhz RAM.

So if you enjoy gaming, and are looking for some serious eye candy and a good bang for your buck, or maybe even just a person who surfs the web casually, you will NOT go wrong with this card.

Please note that this card is an EVGA product and if you purchase from a store, you be provided with a life time warranty with EVGA when you register the product online, and will also receive a 90 day step up option. EVGA's forums are also a really helpful place when support comes into need, but EVGA's 24hour call support line should be your first priority.

Once again, this video card is a definite must, and a huge bang for your buck with its appealing cover art, high vram, great overclocking abilities, and its warranty/support!


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