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Aerocool Xtreme Turbine Fan

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When you just need an extreme volume of Air moved in your case, this 16 Bladed, 89.5CFM Fan is up to the challange.

Name: Aerocool Xtreme Turbine Fan
Part Number: XtremeTurbine-blue
Manufacturer: Aerocool

Fan Type:  Case Fan
Fan Speed:  1800 RPM
Air Flow:  89.39 CFM
Bearing Type:  Sleeve
Voltage:  12 V
Current:  0.5 A
Power Consumption:  6.0 W
Connector(s):  3-Pin Motherboard
  4-Pin Molex
Fan Dimensions:  120 x 120 x 25 mm

User Reviews


Soultribunal  |  Jun 11, 2009   07:42 pm
This is a truely amazing Fan, that if you can put up with the noise will prove reliable and one that can live up to its name with the volume of Air Moved.
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